We hope you enjoy experiencing some of our work. We certainly enjoyed creating it.

We specialize in building content brands for our clients. These programs and their ideas live-on for years and accrue value over time in ways that advertising simply cannot. A few example projects are below and all of the work is still live – click out to the links at the bottom of each synopsis to fully explore.


– Short Films, Big Ideas

An integrated influence campaign executed with precision on a worldwide scale. At its core, GE FOCUS FORWARD is a series of 30 three-minute films created by Oscar®, Emmy and festival award-winning directors like Alex Gibney, Steve James, Jessica Yu, Morgan Spurlock, Stanley Nelson, Albert Maysles and Leslie Iwerks; the stories are about innovative people and technologies that are making the world a better place. To date the program has delivered over 150 million views, 4 billion media impressions, 130+ screening events including Tribeca, Sundance, Berlinale, IDFA, Melbourne International Film Festival, Dubai, Doha and dozens more. Greater than 4 billion media impressions and awards and honors from Cannes Lions, Webbys, Clios, Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Foundation, LIA Gold.

Concurrently, GE FOCUS FORWARD launched the largest competition ever for short, non-fiction films. Using the same brief given to our 30 commissioned filmmakers, the GE FOCUS FORWARD filmmaker competition drew 563 entries from 69 countries. The 5 winners were announced at the Sundance Film Festival and the films have drawn millions of views online. You can review the entire program in detail at www.focusforwardfilms.com.



– 20 Short Films You Can’t Afford to Miss

WE THE ECONOMY20 Short Films You Can’t Afford to Miss is a film series developed in partnership with Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Productions. WTE asks and answers 20 critical questions about the fundamentals of the US economy. The questions were developed by economic thought leaders like Greg Ip (The Economist), Neil Irwin (New York Times), Diane Lim (Pew Charitable Trust) and the films were directed by some of the best storytellers in the world including Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight), Adam McKay (Anchorman, Talladega Nights) and Morgan Spurlock (CNN’s Morgan Spurlock Inside Man, Super Size Me) along with actors such as Amy Poehler, Sarah Silverman, Adrian Grenier, Bob Balaban and dozens more. The films launched simultaneously at the New York Film Festival, in 20 Landmark Theaters in the largest 20 US markets and on 65 TV and digital platforms including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Yahoo!, Facebook, Comcast, Time Warner and iTunes. The films received over 5 million views in the first 48 hours in the U.S. alone, and over 25 million views in the first 12 weeks. We stopped counting at 70million views. www.wetheeconomy.com



The story of TSSC – a division of Toyota that gives away their production system to non-profits and non-competitive manufacturing operations to help them understand and embrace “Kaizen” – the management philosophy of Continuous Improvement – as a way to better their operations and the lives of those they support.

The three short films world premiered at the New York Film Festival and received over 10 million views on Vimeo and YouTube in 6 weeks.